Specialty Coffee Roasters Directory (Malaysia)


Update 2022-09-21: This directory is no longer updated as there are way too many new cafes popping up. As for roasters, I will try to update if there is notable ones. I started my specialty coffee drinking and brewing journey since 2015. Back then there were already a few prominent coffee roasters in the scene such as Artisan Roast, however the information of these roasters were (and are) not easily available online. Newcomers like me were stuck with the few famous ones because the indie, low profile micro roasters were not publicized well enough. Fast forward to 2020, there are already so many excellent coffee roasters in Malaysia and many people are still not aware. So I decided to start putting all information together in a director for my own usage.

You can access it in the Google Sheets link below.

Specialty Coffee Roasters & Cafe Directory

Now I can just browse through the list whenever I want to try something new, other than my go-to roasters. Feel free to navigate around! If you have any enquiries or feedback, feel free to drop me an email at [email protected].